More Music! LOGE & Artist Home Announce New Partnership

Announcing our new partnership with Artist Home, to continue to bring incredible musical performances to all LOGE locations! LOGE is dedicated to providing high-quality events for our guests and local communities to enjoy, and through this partnership with Artist Home we can continue to curate awesome musical talent across all of our locations. By staying with us, our guests know they will get to see incredible live performances, support artists and musicians, and contribute to the progression of artist's careers via increased exposure. We hope to become known as a reliable, interconnected, boutique music venue, who can provide opportunities for up and coming musical talent to tour comfortably across all LOGE locations!

Artist Home is a company of culture makers, community builders, and event producers who have served the Pacific Northwest for 11 years. Since its inception, Artist Home has become a prominent part of the Northwest music community by creating one-of-a-kind festival experiences, such as the Timber Outdoor Music Festival and Doe Bay Fest, and served as a loyal and positive platform of support for artists.

Our partnership brings together the deep relationship Artist Home has with a wide network of talented artists and our ability to provide artist's reliable & consistent venues and an avenue to expand their footprint. In any LOGE location our guests are traveling from far away places, and will definitely be able to go home and tell their friends about a new band they discovered while at LOGE! We're looking forward to an incredible and music filled 2019 with Artist Home!!

Firewood and Friends - Gathering wood for Winter on a cold Fall day

We heat our home with wood all winter, but this year we're late to gather for the season. We should have been doing this when the burn ban lifted back in September and you could first run a chainsaw again to gather and buck deadfall (in firewood terms, bucking means to saw the fallen trees into rounds). Nevertheless, here we now - late October, in a fresh dusting of snow, with more sloppy Cascade slush falling from the skies. For the past few years a friend of ours has helped clear a plot of land outside Roslyn in an effort to Fire-Wise the area. Fire precaution measures like removing deadfall, falling slag (aka standing dead trees), and clearing brush can make a huge difference if the area is ever under a burn. 


Today, we're here to help our friend and also gathering as much wood as possible to heat our wood burning home all winter. We pound coffee at the house and then drive over to meet at the Hyak parking lot at 7am. A half hour on the highway and 20 minutes on dirt roads, and we've arrived at the property. It's 2 acres and sits on top of a mellow rolling hill. The owner has installed a simple container home that he uses as a getaway from the city life. We take a quick walk with Bill (the owner) and he shows us sections of the property that he'd like cleaned up. We fire up the chainsaws and get to work!

 Bill’s tiny container home

Bill’s tiny container home

In total, there are 5 us helping. Lucky for us, someone was smart enough to rent a splitter and we've got a whole assembly line going - two guys on the saws cutting rounds with the two ladies and Tom getting after it on the splitter. You can tell that everyone is really getting into it, trying to be as efficient as possible. As the wood piles up so does our energy. We're in the zone, and everyone is cracking jokes, chucking firewood from the drop zone by spitter to piles that we'll come back to stack into the trucks.


It’s really striking me just how awesome of a team building exercise this is! Everyone has their job and is crushing it! Greg, teaches me how to fall a tree with the chainsaw. I'm stoked, but my arms are starting to get sore from 3 hours on the saw.

Tom and I switch up jobs and I run the splitter as he takes a turn on the saw. The ladies have taken a load back home with one of the trucks, and have promised to return with pizza. It's been two hours now since they left - I hope they can find their way through the labyrinth of dirt roads to get back here! 

 Who knew splitting wood in 32 degree slush could be so much fun!

Who knew splitting wood in 32 degree slush could be so much fun!

The pizza arrives, and we've only got a few more rounds to split before loading everything into the trucks and our single trailer (a huge help on firewood day if you have one!). They brought beer! Yes! When you're moving all day, food tastes especially delicious and this may have been the best pizza and beer I've ever had. 

An hour and half later and we've got everything loaded. We cruise back home and before splitting ways everyone makes a plan to get after it again tomorrow. I'm gonna be sore come Monday!

 Truck’s almost full!

Truck’s almost full!

With more chainsaws and more trucks to fill, our pace in the morning feels blistering. Just like the day before, everyone is into it, and with conversation ranging from optimal wood stove techniques to ski quiver choices, the day flies by. I make it home with another full load of wood, and Kirsten has already stacked almost all the wood from yesterday!

 A few cords of wood closer to a warm home this winter!

A few cords of wood closer to a warm home this winter!

Come Sunday night I'm ready for bed, and as I dose off I can't help but think how much fun it is to work hard with your friends. Soon we'll all be shredding pow, and each warm fire we come back to will be a reminder of this weekend in Fall - the frenzied pace, the laughs, the pizza and beer, and the friends new and old!

Pictures and words by @garretvs

2018 Surfrider Clean Water Classic, Westport WA

For the past 17 years, Westport Washington has hosted the Northwest’s premiere surf competition, the Clean Water Classic. Participants ranging from California to Canada show up to see what they’re made of, in a competition that exclusively supports the good work that the Surfrider Foundation is doing to keep our oceans and beaches clean and accessible!

This year’s event was a mixed bag - Qualifying on Saturday threw the competitors into stormy seas and gusty onshore conditions. Although sporadic, some sizable waves were ridden and the level of surfing impressed given the classic PNW fall gale. Around 2pm the remaining qualifying rounds were called off and it was announced that Sunday’s Finals schedule would be reworked to accommodate the heats. Drenched, everyone cleared the beach and headed for LOGE Westport for the After Party. In the hour between the event ending to pouring rain, and the festivities starting at LOGE, the clouds lifted and we were greeted with a beautiful sunny evening.

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Yodelin Broth and Hamma Hamma Oysters were setup and ready for the crowd with delicious (warm!) soup and mouth watering bacon wrapped oysters. Like all vendors supporting the event, Yodelin and Hamma Hamma donated their services to support Surfrider, with the recommended $5 donation going completely to Surfrider.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Surfrider Foundation recently had a major victory in preventing offshore drilling directly off Washington’s coast and their efforts resulted in a new WA state coastal management plan. Drilling would not only have threatened the fragile aquatic ecosystem but also the economic livelihood of the current coastal economy…so your $5 dinner donation is going to good things!! A raffle with LibTech surfboards as the top prizes also went directly to Surfrider - it’s awesome to be involved in events that we know will help push the needle towards protecting the environment in today’s current political spectrum. The crowd jammed out to Killer Workout and good times were had by all!

Image from iOS (5).jpg
Image from iOS (4).jpg

We woke Sunday to sunny skies and moderate temps, the perfect conditions to spend the day at the beach! The competitors all threw down on smallish, playful waves, which ended up being a worthy test of their skill! We saw impressive performances ranging from kids that must have been under 10 years old, all the way up to the Grand Master class. Surf Photography by Lost River Photography ,



  • Shortboard Ride of the Day: Jonathan Grubbs

  • Longboard Ride of the Day: Don Shaffer

  • Men's Pro/AM

    • 1 Peter Hamilton

    • 2 Jonathan Grubbs

    • 3 Ben Murphy Master's

  • Shortboard

    • 1 Greg Urata

    • 2 Joe Pettinger

    • 3 Peter Hamilton

  • Women's Pro/AM Shortboard

    • 1 Ashley Fagerstedt

    • 2 Jasmine Porter

    • 3 Gillian Montgomery

  • Men's Longboard

    • 1 Hayden Baggs

    • 2 David Schiaffino

    • 3 Deklyn Wood

  • Master's Longboard

    • 1 Khalil Holmes

    • 2 Andrew Haines

    • 3 Tim Stanford

  • Grand Master's Longboard

    • 1 Jan Kordel

    • 2 Gary Gregg

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Women's Longboard

    • 1 Ann MacDonnell

    • 2 Melissa Davis

    • 3 Lydia Ricard

  • Juniors 14 and Under

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Shea Bruhwiler

    • 3 Aqua Bruhwiler

  • Juniors 15 to 17

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Serena Porter

    • 3 Gabe Roth

  • Stand-Up Paddle

    • 1 Paul Boskers

    • 2 Dan Tarnow

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Keiki With Parent

    • 1 Finnegan Losee

    • 2 Wyatt Hoffman

    • 3 Teo Stencile

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic event! This is one of our absolute favorites! See you guys next year!

The Annual Fall Larch March

Every Fall, we have a tradition of going on a “Larch March.” In our beautiful state of Washington, we have a very special tree, known as the Larch, which is an Evergreen tree that happens to turn yellow in the fall and drop its needles for the winter.


While these occur across the world from Northern Canada to the Himalaya, our particular version of the Larch can be found at the healthy altitude of around 6,000 ft. Essentially, right at the edge of the Alpine. As such, to actually witness this beautiful misfit of the evergreen family, a bit of a mission is usually involved. After all, it's too early to have skis on your feet, and the leisurely temps of summer are gone. 


It's easy to be excited about exploring the mountains when the sun pours down and you don't even really need to carry a jacket in your backpack, but when the weather begins to turn south, the feeling of truly earning the views you’re experiencing is incredible. Starting a blustery morning at the car wondering "am I crazy to be doing this" but at the same time buzzing with the excitement of forging out into the elements is nothing short of addicting. Every turn of the trail brings new engagement, new reality. It seems like every season Kirsten and I always manage to fit our Larch March into weather windows like these.  


We made quick work of the first 4 miles of trail, gaining the ridge in typical blustery Northwest weather. We figured that things would get more pleasant once we left the ridge and dropped into the valley, and sure enough the wind died down and we finally emerged into Larch paradise!


The entire basin we were traipsing through was covered in what should have been Evergreens blanketed with green needles, only the needles were a brilliant yellow. They glowed with an intensity that seemed almost neon.


We decided at this point to head for the next ridge and maybe find a spot for some lunch. The trail became somewhat hard to follow as it went steeply up a granite ridge, but as we crested over it a beautiful alpine lake emerged in front of us. We decided that it was the perfect time sit down and eat what was one of the most delicious turkey sandwiches we'd ever eaten (*as is every sandwich eaten in the mountains!). There's an intoxicating thing about the beauty of the outdoors and you can feel all your senses heighten, making those sandwhiches extra tasty! As we sat perched above the lake, Mt. Stuart (one of the crown jewels of the Cascades) emerged from behind the clouds across the valley and we took in one of those moments that feels pretty darn close to perfect.  


On this particular day, from our lunch perch on the granite outcropping, there was an obvious scramble route out of the basin and up the ridge to one of the many un-famous peaks in the Cascades. All I can remember thinking as we ascended the ridge was how wild these yellow evergreen trees were that completely filled the basin. As we got higher and higher I just kept seeing more and more of the basin they filled. They went on forever, but only at this very specific altitude. It was nothing short of surreal. 


As we emerged out of the valley, the wind returned and my Larch euphoria transitioned into the hyper aware state I've become so familiar with in the mountains. A few sketchy ledge crossings later, and we reached our impromptu summit objective of the day. As is tradition, a summit beer was had, and after dancing and twirling about in the wind we made for the return trip home. 


I will always remember once talking to Kirsten's grandpa, a legend of German mountaineering, and him saying "On no, you never WALK down, always RUNNING! Why else would we walk to the top of these mountains?!" We're strong believers in this philosophy, and view the trail run down as the best part of the day… After all, it's as close to skiing as you're going to get when there's no snow. Skree fields become the off season equivalent of pow turns, and intense rooted sections of the trail might as well be pillow lines! 


Two hours driving, a half hour for coffee, three hours headed up, an hour messing around at the top, and an hour an half flying down… put us just in time for a happy hour beer at Dru Bru.. and a bratwurst. That euphoria I was talking about earlier...I think we've found it.

Trail: Lake Ingalls but note that Larches can be found at many sub-alpine regions in the Cascades, including the apline lakes outside Leaven such as the Enchantments region. Happy Larch hunting!

Words and Pictures by @garretvs  

Ross's Favorite Things to do in Bend, OR!

Ross is our Assistant General Manager in Bend and is one of the most caring, lovable people you’ll ever meet! He’s lived in Bend since before it was cool, and gave us a few insider tips on the gems that this amazing spot has to provide!


  • Elevation - A college culinary academy with cool architecture!

  • Zydeco - Cajun influenced American. On the rooftop, open in summer, not a lot of folks know of it, very chic cool spot and the only outdoor rooftop experience in bend

  • Wild Rose - The most delicious Thai you’ll ever eat! Seriously! Downtown, fun vibes!

  • Ariana & 900 Wall (fine dining)

  • Brother Jon’s Westside (casual)

  • Parrilla Grill (super casual)

  • El Sancho (Tasty casual tacos)




Non sport activity:

Outdoor Activities:

  • Cycling - Phil’s Trails right out our doorstep!

  • Kayaking the upper lakes

  • Exploring (everywhere)

  • River surfing in town!

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

Hiking/biking trails:


Photo provided by local Bend photographer Austin White @austingwhite