Meet the Santa Cruz x OrNot Cyclocross Team, supported by LOGE!

Colorado’s Front Range is arguably one of the best ‘home bases’ for an outdoor enthusiast, with a nearly limitless list of awe-inspiring destinations just a couple hours from your door. We spend most of our time on bikes, cruising the various mountain roads & trails west of our respective homes, or less romantically (but infinitely more accurately) staring at our GPS computers ‘making the trainings.’ But, our chosen home is a utopia for runners, climbers, & skiers alike.

Nonetheless, the ultra-premium routes don’t start from our front doors in Denver & Boulder- they start out in the smaller mountain towns, like Breckenridge. So, being able to set up an ancillary ‘base’ at LOGE Breck really levels up a weekend- the routes, the views, the trainings- it all goes to 11.


On our recent trip to Breck we drove up Friday afternoon, rode our bikes the few miles from LOGE to downtown (taking the reasonably sendy singletrack options), fueled vigorously with a 12” pizza each & got to bed much too late for a not-so-small weekend on the bike.


Saturday morning, we predictably blew past our 8:30 rollout and eventually started pedaling closer to 10, but not before stopping for donuts in town- proper fueling is very important after all. On tap for the day was about 65 miles & 5000ft of climbing: up & over Boreas Pass, through the semi ghost town of Como, into Fairplay for a gas station lunch then up & over Hoosier pass to get back into Breckenridge.


Deciding to keep it a bit easier on Sunday, we had about 40 miles and only 3,000ft of climbing to look forward to. We rode over Swan Mountain towards Keystone and eventually topped out a little above Montezuma.


We found some trails to explore on the descent back down & while two of us went to find more steep fire roads and eventual snow, the other two found a supremely cold swim spot above 10,000ft. After drying off & regrouping we rolled down to Keystone for a not-so-quick coffee & then over Swan Mountain again to get back ‘home’ to LOGE.


We spent our last night enjoying even more pizza & getting to know some fellow outdoor junkies over drinks around the fire pit.


We’re the Ornot Elite Offroad team, a new 4-person squad based in Colorado’s Front Range with a focus on cyclocross racing, but a love for all knobby tired bicycle riding. We are Christian Culpepper, Josh Direen, Leslie Ethridge, and Kyle Johnson, or on the internet: @yung_coalpaper, @josh_direen, @lifeoflesliee, @blondebabyjesus.


Day 1 route: (click to view on Strava)


Day 2 route: (click to view on Strava)

Trail Running Bend Oregon, With LOGE Athlete David Laney

LOGE Athlete Team member and distance running star David Laney recently spent a few days with us in Bend, training and hanging out. Read his story below about a few of his favorite trail runs in the area!!

I’m proposing a name change from trail running to trail funning , because much of what I do out there isn’t actually running. I mean sure, I’m wearing running shorts and trail shoes, and I’m jogging between huckleberry patches, and swimming holes, but there is a lot more to trail running than the name suggests. Just to be clear, you can be trail running and still stop to smell the wildflowers, in fact I hope you do. 


Last weekend's trip to the Three Sisters Wilderness area was a lot more funning than running, though the running was pretty great too. I had a loop in mind that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, and was particularly excited to get rolling. I headed out under the light from my headlamp from The Green Lakes Trailhead off the Cascade Lakes highway (just about a mile past the turn to Sparks Lake). I jogged most of the way to the base of the South Sister where I hiked to the summit, to be greeted with a beautiful sunrise and strong wind.


After snapping a few photos I headed down to Green Lakes and up the trail to Broken Top. The trail up Broken Top is very rocky and rugged but offers spectacular views of the Three Sisters to the North West. I made it about 15 meters from the top but I didn’t quite make the summit of Broken Top as the rock block on the summit takes a little more exposure than my worked legs could handle. On the way down I enjoyed some really fun steep downhill running, sliding and a few wildflower stops before heading back down the smooth and wide Green Lakes Trail. 

The day was made complete by a delish slice of pizza, some root beer, a float in the Deschutes and watching dogs paddleboard. Below are my top 4 Trail Runs/Hikes in the Three Sisters Wilderness. I hope you enjoy them next time you are in Bend!

My Top 4 Trail Runs/Hikes in the Three Sisters 

1) If you’re looking for a challenging run/hike/climb try the South Sister ( its about 12 miles round trip with about 5000 feet of ascent and descent. 

2) If you want something a little flatter try the run to Moraine Lake. It’s a beautiful view with less climbing and distance. (

3) Green Lakes ( Another great run, buttery trails the whole way with views of Broken Top and the South Sister from the Lakes. Perfect spot for a mid run swim on a warm day.

4) No Name Lake is another must see. Another more challenging run but the incredible views make up for the distance and climbing.


Trail running in Bend is made even better in that you have many choices of amazing things to do after you run. You’ve got a river to cool off in, buttery mountain biking trails if the run didn’t wear you out, breweries to quench your thirst, restaurants to refuel from the day on the trails and plenty of coffee shops so that you can get started running again tomorrow. If you love to live outside, Bend is the place to do it! -David

David is a mega-badass in the running world and we're happy to call him one of our Athletes! Go here to read a bit about David's running career And go here to see some of David's other written pieces!

Follow along with all of David's running adventures! @davidlaney12

Need some good music in your life?

We recently hosted a Playlist Competition to win tickets to the Capitol Hill Block Party. Check out our 3 favorite playlists below!

Our winning playlist! “8:30 Sunset” by Natalie Thilges

We chose “8:30 Sunset,” by Natalie Thilges as our winning playlist because of it’s wide range of variety and unique song choices.

Here’s what Natalie had to say about it “Just a bunch of driving with the windows down jams! Because if you listen to enough sunny music the weather will follow.” We couldn’t agree more!

While this playlist does jump around a lot (like going from Kali Uchis to Paul Simon) it has one guiding factor: the vibe is just right.

With 85 songs and over 5 hours of listening time, dive in and see what you find!


And a few of our runner up playlists, just for good measure ;)

Qomp is a playlist that we would characterize as “psyche/surf rock with a few genre benders mixed in to keep you on your toes.”

From Veronica: “All the things that kick up some stoke for me and my buds!”

49 songs, 3hrs of listening time. Enjoy!


Our notes from this playlist were “Chilled Out, Dreamy, Enjoyable.” Which we think sums it up pretty darn well!

53 songs, 3ish hours


…and a couple from the office rotation!

A little bit of everything. It can get weird so brace yourself

This playlist leans toward chilled out hip-hop/rap. Hopefully you’ll find something new!

This playlist is meant to inspire that strangeness that lives inside all of us. Strong surf rock vibes.

A bit more electronic, get your flow state on!

Since you clearly love good Music, come hang out with us at our Free outdoor concerts!

We love supporting creativity in all forms, and are especially excited about the LOGE Outdoor Concert Series, presented by Rainier!

Join us every Saturday this summer from 6-8pm for Live Outdoor Music from up and coming artists, all curated by Artist Home who is known for putting on the Timbrrr and Doe Bay Music Festivals!

All shows are FREE and welcome to everyone, so bring a blanket for the lawn and come hang out!! Check out the video below from a recent performance by Bad Pacifist at LOGE Bend

LOGE Concerts are normally outdoors, but we had to pull this one inside our Cafe & Taproom due to some sprinkles!

Capitol Hill Block Party // Ticket Giveaway!

Cap Hill Block Party - Playlist Ticket giveaway!

Do you love good music and awesome bands! Us too! Do you want to go to the Capitol Hill Block Party for FREE (As a vip!)? Of course you do!

We’ve got two Three Day Passes VIP Passes to the 2019 Capitol Hill Block Party that can be YOURS by submitting your best “Good Summer Vibes” playlist below! Just send us your best Spotify playlist and write a few sentences about what you put on it and why, and we’ll pick our favorite mix to win the tickets!

LOGE will be attending CHBP 2019, so be sure to come and find us if you are too!

Want more music in your life?

We love supporting creativity in all forms, and are especially excited about the LOGE Outdoor Concert Series, presented by Rainier!

Join us every Saturday this summer from 6-8pm for Live Outdoor Music from up and coming artists, all curated by Artist Home who is known for putting on the Timbrrr and Doe Bay Music Festivals!

All shows are FREE and welcome to everyone, so bring a blanket for the lawn and come hang out!! Check out the video below from a recent performance by Bad Pacifist at LOGE Bend

LOGE Concerts are normally outdoors, but we had to pull this one inside our Cafe & Taproom due to some sprinkles! ;)

The LOGE Journey So Far - From Westport to Breckenridge and Mt. Shasta

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve only been involved in this whole “LOGE” thing for the past two years. With so much going on, we often joke that we’ve entered some sort of time vortex, which we collectively refer to as “LOGE time” where a few weeks may as well be a few months and two years seems like five. It’s been an incredible journey so far, all of which we owe to the support of our amazing employees and community.

As we look ahead at bringing on new properties in Breckenridge, CO and Mt. Shasta, CA this summer, it’s important to also look back at our scrappy beginnings, which I recently did while sitting down to interview my good friend and ski buddy - our founder and CEO Johannes Ariens, to chat about the creation of our original location, LOGE Westport, and how our community has made this all possible.


“We’d been cold water surfing out in Westport for about 15 years, and saw a lot of people going out there and having a good time, but aching for a sense of community. Without that, they weren’t really engaged in the place or connected to the culture.” - JA

People would come out to Westport for the day to surf and head home, only ever seeing the parking lot of the beach. We loved the place and felt like it was our duty to create something more, a place where people could share stories, sit around the campfire, hang out with each other, and have a good time. So we started a Kickstarter. I remember Johann telling me that he had found an old beat up hotel, and that we were going to renovate it...create a place where all were welcome, and that had options for everyone in the form of Camping, a Hostel, and also nice Hotel rooms. Outdoor spaces to grill at and a stage for live music. Surf rentals. A wetsuit drying room. We would give to the Surfrider Foundation to support clean oceans and foster responsible outdoor use through giving. All the things we could dream up to create a spot that our friends would love to hang out at.


We made a video for Kickstarter, and after raising $30,000 were off and running. Of course, 30k wasn’t nearly enough to create our dream adventure outpost, so we got scrappy and reached out to the people of Kickstarter that had originally supported us to help out.

“I think some of the greatest stories were really how we did it. With the Kickstarter, we would tell people, “Hey, we’re working at the property this weekend, if anyone wants to come down and help us, we’ll have a BBQ and supply all the food,” and we’d kick this out to our whole supporter group, and by some miracle, they’d SHOW UP. They saw it as a way to get involved and give back to that community, and really support a different way of looking at lodging and how you build a community around that, with a passion for that shared sport (surfing), that everyone goes out there for. So for them, it was a way to get involved and support what we were up to.”


“We weren’t hotel developers, we were surfers and skiers that had fortunately built some stuff in our past so at least we had an idea for it. Some of the coolest times were those weekends that the whole group of Kickstarter folks would come out and just TEAR into the cafe, which was a garden shed that was falling over before we got to it. We had to jack it up a foot and a half and put 16 footings underneath it to make it stable (laughter).”

“It was the idea that, “holy crap, you guys are in wayyy over your heads...are you sure? This place is really gnarly... we’re going to help you because we believe in what you’re working on.” - JA

And so, through the power of teamwork, LOGE Westport opened on Memorial Day of 2017. I remember the conversations: “If people are into this and start coming to hang out, maybe in three years we’ll open another LOGE.” But that Summer, to our surprise our little concept really took off. We hosted bands at our stage on Saturday nights, and people actually came! Better yet, they seemed genuinely interested in meeting and hanging out with each other. Our dream of a community was materializing in front of our eyes.

Soon, at the end of Summer or maybe early Fall, another call from Johann - “Guys, I found another property, it’s amazing. We’re going to Leavenworth.” And then a few months later “Guys, I just spent the past three days harassing the owner of an incredible forest hideout in Bend, it’s perfect, the mountain bike trails literally start at the property!” As they say, the rest is history (but I assure you that a tremendous amount of hard work has filled the space between then and now!)

“As we continue to scale and find more places, the baseline premise around that philosophy hasn’t changed a lot, we continue to find really cool people that support what we’re doing, and believe that the impacts we can have within the communities we enter, the giving to outdoor-centric foundations, and also in creating a sustainable business, make a lot of sense.” - JA

So here we are, two years into this crazy adventure, announcing the opening of LOGE Breckenridge and LOGE Mt. Shasta! It sure does feel surreal. Our dream now is to create a ring of properties that are welcoming and inclusive, ready to be the jumping off point for all your outdoor missions, with Apres vibes at the end of the day to hang with awesome folks and good music! We believe wholeheartedly in our mission - that getting people outdoors creates engaged users that will fight for the wild places, and back that up by donating 2% of revenue to non-profits that foster responsible use such as avalanche forecasting centers, trail building associations, and environmental organizations.

The new locations will have everything that you’ve come to know and love from LOGE Camps

  • Cafe & bar

  • On-site gear demo and rental centers

  • Live music with bands performing every Saturday night and outdoor movies every Friday

  • Covered outdoor hangout spaces, complete with Traeger Grills  

  • Awesome renovated hotel rooms and Hostels

  • LOGE Mt. Shasta will have covered camping

  • Incredible locations with access to every type of outdoor recreation you can imagine

We’re beyond fired up about LOGE Breckenridge and LOGE Mt. Shasta, and can’t wait for you to join our journey and come stay with us! Renovation at both locations is well underway, and the grand opening for both will be opening THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/25/19!

We’re now accepting Bookings (stays 5/24/19 on) for this Summer, so come hang out and see what we’re up to!



When it comes to group retreats, take the road less traveled! LOGE is the perfect outpost for company retreats, employee incentive trips, photoshoots, product testing, gear demos, athlete retreats...we could keep going, but you get it. Our group space at LOGE Breckenridge, CO has meeting space for 48, and at LOGE Mt. Shasta we have meeting space for 25!

Check our Groups page to learn more about our offerings or email to inquire. 

Join the LOGE Squad!!

Are you stoked on LOGE and want to become one of our ambassadors? Join us in spreading the love :)


LOGE is all about creating an inclusive community that is an open invitation to connect with others In Real Life! Adding “friends” online is ok, but it’s WAY better out in the real world! From the beginning, LOGE has been all about creating a community that brings all types of people together to fuel each other’s fires, which is why we’re creating LOGE Squad - as a way to give back to and strengthen our ever growing community. Our mission is to foster responsible use and access to the outdoors, and we’re looking for people who share our passion and love getting others excited about getting out there and getting after it. You don’t have to be hardcore, you just have to be psyched! We encourage everyone to apply, this isn’t about “followers,” it’s about passion.

By joining the LOGE Squad, you’ll get a 15% discount for all of 2019, and be invited to exclusive Squad events that we have planned for 2019! We’re all about sharing the stoke and fiercely pursuing the things that get your blood pumping and put a huge smile on your face, so to apply we’re asking that you submit a few photos and a short written piece about what our namesake mantra “Live Outside, Go Explore” means to you! We can’t wait to see how you interpret this - feel free to write about a favorite trip you’ve been on, hilarious experiences, stories about times that didn’t quite go as planned, or just how you get after it in your daily life! We always say “Stoke builds Stoke” and are excited to share some of your stories and pictures!


To apply, simply fill out the form (link below!) with a few of your best adventure photos (5-10 recommended, but really as many as you want!), and a short story about how you Live Outside, Go Explore! Upon receiving your application, we’ll send your Squad discount code, and keep you up to date on any LOGE Squad happenings!


All photos by @aframephoto

We can’t wait to hear your stories! See ya out there!

Skiing The Slot Couloir, Mt. Snoqualmie, WA

This past weekend a few friends and I headed out to ski one of the classic lines at Snoqualmie Pass - the Slot Couloir off the north side of Mt. Snoqualmie.

There are a few things that have to line up to get me really psyched to ski bigger objectives. The first is that the NWAC avalanche forecast has to look good, and the second is that weather has to be lining up to not blindside us with any surprises. My favorite weather website for skiing in Washington is by far Winter Science, since you can look at compiled radar data for everything from precip, snow levels, elevation specific wind and cloud patterns, etc.


It’s worth noting here, that one of the things that I love most about working for LOGE is our giving program to local non-profits that support responsible outdoor use, including NWAC, among others. We believe that helping people access the outdoors creates more people that will fight to protect the wild places, and therefore give 2% of revenue to non-profits that support responsible outdoor use. I have read the NWAC forecast daily for years, taken avalanche education courses from NWAC professional observers, and benefitted from their efforts basically every day I’m out skiing, so I get fired up that LOGE is able to support them in the way we do!

On this particular morning, we had a few gear issues low in the misty old growth forest, but after sorting them out settled into a nice chill pace that took us out of the valley fog and onto the upper slopes of Mt. Snoqualmie.

The NWAC forecast was at Moderate, citing recent storm pockets at upper elevations that were in the process of strengthening, so we figured since we were only a few hundred feet of elevation from the entrance of our couloir, this was a good spot to dig a quick pit and check out what was going on with the snowpack! I tend to like to dig pits often, and in a few minutes we had a nice pit and did a few quick tests - layer hardness, compression test, and extended column test, which all showed a favorable snowpack for safe skiing! Onward to the entrance of the Slot!


Our friends, who had a group of 5, happened to pass our group of 3 while we were digging our pit, which made for a pretty fun transition at the entrance! 8 is a pretty large group for this type of line, however we had 3 radios among us, so we decided that we would send Jackson first with a radio to let us know how it skied, and then I would take a radio and ski halfway down to a safe spot to take pictures and let the others at the top know when the last person was clear and it was safe to drop. Jackson dropped in a made smooth controlled turns till he crested over the dogleg and ripped all the way to the bottom of the 1000ish foot line. We heard him come on the radio “it’s a little icy in places, and is sluffing quite a bit so be cafeful.” We all kept that in mind as we skied, being cafeful to stay out of the gut of the line where the sluff could easily carry you if you let it build up. I dropped in and skied till I found a nice safe spot left of the main line and posted up with my camera and radio. It was pretty fun watching all the friends ski, and with their varying paces to the bottom, we definitely made a good call to use the radios, as someone could have easily gone too soon and flushed the person before out the bottom.

Katherine making it look easy!

We were stoked at the bottom and high fives were in order, but there was still work to do to climb out the exit couloir! We let our friends group of 5 take off while I backtracked to grab a quick picture of the line from the bottom.

There was quite the cornice hanging out about the exit couloir, so we did our best to stay out of its direct path and limit any time spent directly under it. Luckily it had stayed cold and we had no issues with it.

Looking up the exit couloir and hoping the cornice would play nice

Our friends made it up and out and we soon followed, booting the final hundred feet or so.

Ben makes it out the exit couloir, now all that’s left is the mank-ski down to the car!

Ben makes it out the exit couloir, now all that’s left is the mank-ski down to the car!

All in all it was an awesome day in the mountains with good friends! We skied an awesome line, and had a blast along the way.

Words, Pictures, and Video: @garretvs

Young Chhaylee Live at LOGE Leavenworth for the Timbrrr Music Festival

We were honored to host a Saturday morning concert, featuring Young Chhaylee, for the Timbrrr Music Festival at LOGE Leavenworth! The band was incredible, and battled the cold to play a soulful morning set.

Thanks so much to Young Chhaylee and his band for playing with us, it was a concert that we won’t soon forget! You guys are amazing!

Check out more of Young Chhaylee’s music here!

Seattle to Bend - A Bikepacking Adventure with Friends!

You don’t need to wait for perfect weather to explore by bike. After all, isn’t that part of the adventure? Join us on an epic ride from Seattle to Bend by bike!


We recently teamed up with some friends from Raleigh, Swift Industries, and Nuun to check out one of Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways. Not everything went according to plan. Did we still have fun? Watch the video and read on to get the full story through the eyes of rider Kelly Nowels.

They say that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. But I’m a sucker for destinations. Sure the journey is where the fun's at, but without a destination in mind, are you kinda just wandering around getting lost? Even in little things I like to have a bit of a destination. When I have to drop something off at Fedex, or pick up more coffee, I like to save these errands for a bike ride or a run just so my activity has a little destination I’m aiming for along the way.

Tyler Smith and Gritchelle Fallesgon are stoked riding into the mountains outside Portland  Photo by  Kelly Nowels

Tyler Smith and Gritchelle Fallesgon are stoked riding into the mountains outside Portland

Photo by Kelly Nowels

So when I heard about the plan to bike tour from Portland to Bend, finishing at Loge, I was all ears. A journey AND a rad destination? Count me in. A few emails later and we had a plan. Tyler and I would take the train to Portland, meet up with Gritchelle, and embark on our 200 miles along the Oregon Scenic Byway. 

With the help of some Raleigh bikes and some Swift Industries bags to carry our stuff, we were ready for 3 days of riding and camping. The first 70 miles went quickly as we moved out of Portland and into the mountains and forests of central Oregon. With as many snack and picture stops as we enjoyed, before we knew it the sun had set and we were rolling into camp in the pitch black.

We rode into the night on the first day looking for our campsite  Photo by  Kelly Nowels

We rode into the night on the first day looking for our campsite

Photo by Kelly Nowels

We gobbled our camp chili and hop sodas around the fire while Tyler tried to determine if his 6’4” frame would fit underneath the minimalist tarp he brought. (They don’t call him Talltyler for nothing!)

Photo by  Kelly Nowels

Photo by Kelly Nowels

The next day brought another 70 miles of beautiful Oregon tarmac punctuated by several gravel climbs and descents. Our spirits were only slightly hampered by the rain storm that followed us all day, ensuring that we were thoroughly soaked after a couple hours. The upside however, is how alive the rain made the forest. The greens and yellows of the trees felt even more vibrant, the rivers even more majestic, and the salamanders even more… uh salamander-y. 

Photo by  Kelly Nowels

Photo by Kelly Nowels

Setting up a campsite in the pouring rain is never really something you look forward to, but I honestly think that second night was the most fun I’ve ever had camping in a storm.  We set up a tarp and warmed up with camp ramen while looking up K-pop dance tutorials on youtube.

Photos by  Kelly Nowels

Photos by Kelly Nowels

Pretty quickly, the next day, the terrain started resembling the arid high desert that Bend is known for. The gravel roads and dirt trails as we got closer spiked our energy levels once again. Gritchelle led the way through the flowey singletrack that led directly to Loge’s front door.

Photos by  Kelly Nowels

Photos by Kelly Nowels

There we were met by the manager on duty with a warm smile and cold beers. Man this place is sweet! A hot tub, hammocks, and an entire fleet of mountain bikes had us asking if we really had to go home tomorrow. As far as destinations go, this might be one of the best! And if you ask me, it’s proof that sometimes it’s about the journey AND the destination.


HUGE THANKS to everyone involved in this ride! The riders Kelly Nowels, Gritchelle Fallesgon, and Tyler Smith crushed it!

Dirksen Derby Banked Slalom 2018, Bend Oregon

When Josh Dirksen, founder of the Dirksen Derby reached out to LOGE about getting involved in the legendary Mt. Bachelor banked slalom, we were instantly in! We've known about the Derby forever and love its mission to bring the international Snowboard and Sit-Ski communities together for an incredibly fun and memorable weekend full of strong friendships, intense competition and fond memories!

We are also 100% on board with their giving program  - "to use our proceeds to benefit selected local and national Non-Profits, as well as supporting our long-time friend and inspiration, Tyler Eklund." This year's non-profit organizations were Oregon Adaptive Sports, Protect Our Winters, and Tyler Eklund as well as being a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

Josh needed a venue to host the Protect Our Winters party on Saturday night, and our LOGE Bend location was the perfect fit - close to Bachelor, with plenty of space for everyone to hang out, wax boards, repair worn-wear with Patagonia, jam out to tunes, eat delicious food, enjoy a few beverages, and generally have an awesome time! Aka pretty much everything we're into as well! Did we just become best friends?! 

This year's Derby went off without a hitch, with qualifying going down on Saturday, the POW party at LOGE on Saturday night, and Finals on Sunday. The LOGE crew arrived to Bachelor on Saturday to "two inches" of fresh, cold, snow which rode more like 5 or 6" in places due to the wind drift! After a few hoot and holler runs filled runs, we made our way over to the course, which was a beautiful, winding, hand dug course featuring two different side by side tracks. After a few delicious cups of Parrilla chowder, and a Dr. Brew Kombucha we walked the course top to bottom and took in every bank as competitors carved their way down the course.

Whenever a particularly fast person would come by everyone would get excited and the hoots would get louder, but it was awesome to see the level of encouragement from the crowd even when someone's run wasn't going so well. I remember seeing a boy in the 10-14 category catch an edge on a turn and fall, and everyone around him started telling him "you got this," "get up and finish strong buddy," and "don't worry about it, you're still the man!!" It's really cool to see such a strong community come together at events like this and reminds you of how the outdoors is really about so much more than just the physical sports we all love so much.  

We left the hill early to help our fellow LOGE team set up for the POW party. As we arrived, we saw our friends at evo who had come out in full force and brought a few of their master technicians, who were putting up waxing tables to get everyone's boards ready for finals the next day!

Chef Rudy of Curbside Bistro was getting delicious food ready, and Patagonia was on hand as well with their Worn-Wear repairs. It was obvious this would shape up to be an awesome evening! As everyone started to arrive, Alex Winters played to those gathered around the firepits, as a line started building at the Worn-Wear table. Patagonia had brought damaged returns that they were letting people repair and take home, for a small donation to Protect Our Winters! It was a huge hit, and judging by the number of conversations, no one seemed bothered as the line grew.

I wandered outside and observed a game of corn hole after grabbing a brew and donating to POW. Dr. Brew had a hilarious photo wall set up complete with a squirrel head costume and it was pretty entertaining seeing groups just fully getting after it!

Shady GroOove jammed out with their legendary funky, head bobbing tunes, and the night wrapped up with a giveaway featuring a snowboard, a bunch of swag, and a stay at LOGE. I went to bed happy and looking forward to Finals the next day! 

We rolled into the parking lot the next morning to slightly different, but very Northwest conditions - limited visibility with a "wintery mix" falling from the sky. Not rain...but close. No matter though since this would make the course super fast for finals! We went straight to the course and weren't disappointed since it seemed like everyone we watched go down the course was blazing fast!

After a few hours of watching, we decided to call it, and headed out since we had a relatively long drive back to Washington. The drive home up Hwy 97 through the rolling grasslands of Oregon and the hills of Eastern Washington is a beautiful one. It's always bittersweet having to head home after a fun filled weekend, but we fell asleep on Sunday content - our minds full from all the awesome people we met, pow we rode, and good times we had.  

THANK YOU so much to everyone involved, but especially the Dirksens for asking us to be part of this incredible event. We're already looking forward to next year!!

Video, Pictures, and Words by @garretvs


Sometimes you just have to say yes to adventure and figure out the details later. Kindred is the story of how one single leap-of-faith led Izzy and Zoya Lynch’s city-based family on the unlikely journey of becoming backcountry lodge owners, and resulted in a lifetime of learning and adventure in one of the most beautiful settings on earth.

Through archival photos and interviews from the Lynch family, combined with stunning imagery of Amiskwi Lodge in the Canadian Rockies, this film inspires viewers to consider their own leaps-of-faith and how they may have defined their lives.



Supported by: Storyhive, Arc'teryx Equipment, Atomic Skis, Amiskwi Lodge

Directed & Edited by: Zoya Lynch
Written & Produced by: Izzy Lynch

Izzy Lynch
Zoya Lynch
Knox Garneau
Dennis Lynch
Lucy Lynch
Sarah German
Patrick Lynch

Garret Van Swearingen
Andrea Wing
Frank Desrosier
Zoya Lynch
Lara Shea
Cam Roden

Graphic Design: 
Tora Hylands

Sound Design & Mix: 
Scotty Beam & Cleod9 Music

Motion Design:
Blair Richmond & Imperial Post

Colour Correction:
David Tomiak & Silver Lining Post

Dennis Lynch
Shakey Graves
Ocie Elliot
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More Music! LOGE & Artist Home Announce New Partnership

Announcing our new partnership with Artist Home, to continue to bring incredible musical performances to all LOGE locations! LOGE is dedicated to providing high-quality events for our guests and local communities to enjoy, and through this partnership with Artist Home we can continue to curate awesome musical talent across all of our locations. By staying with us, our guests know they will get to see incredible live performances, support artists and musicians, and contribute to the progression of artist's careers via increased exposure. We hope to become known as a reliable, interconnected, boutique music venue, who can provide opportunities for up and coming musical talent to tour comfortably across all LOGE locations!

Artist Home is a company of culture makers, community builders, and event producers who have served the Pacific Northwest for 11 years. Since its inception, Artist Home has become a prominent part of the Northwest music community by creating one-of-a-kind festival experiences, such as the Timber Outdoor Music Festival and Doe Bay Fest, and served as a loyal and positive platform of support for artists.

Our partnership brings together the deep relationship Artist Home has with a wide network of talented artists and our ability to provide artist's reliable & consistent venues and an avenue to expand their footprint. In any LOGE location our guests are traveling from far away places, and will definitely be able to go home and tell their friends about a new band they discovered while at LOGE! We're looking forward to an incredible and music filled 2019 with Artist Home!!

Firewood and Friends - Gathering wood for Winter on a cold Fall day

We heat our home with wood all winter, but this year we're late to gather for the season. We should have been doing this when the burn ban lifted back in September and you could first run a chainsaw again to gather and buck deadfall (in firewood terms, bucking means to saw the fallen trees into rounds). Nevertheless, here we now - late October, in a fresh dusting of snow, with more sloppy Cascade slush falling from the skies. For the past few years a friend of ours has helped clear a plot of land outside Roslyn in an effort to Fire-Wise the area. Fire precaution measures like removing deadfall, falling slag (aka standing dead trees), and clearing brush can make a huge difference if the area is ever under a burn. 


Today, we're here to help our friend and also gathering as much wood as possible to heat our wood burning home all winter. We pound coffee at the house and then drive over to meet at the Hyak parking lot at 7am. A half hour on the highway and 20 minutes on dirt roads, and we've arrived at the property. It's 2 acres and sits on top of a mellow rolling hill. The owner has installed a simple container home that he uses as a getaway from the city life. We take a quick walk with Bill (the owner) and he shows us sections of the property that he'd like cleaned up. We fire up the chainsaws and get to work!

Bill’s tiny container home

Bill’s tiny container home

In total, there are 5 us helping. Lucky for us, someone was smart enough to rent a splitter and we've got a whole assembly line going - two guys on the saws cutting rounds with the two ladies and Tom getting after it on the splitter. You can tell that everyone is really getting into it, trying to be as efficient as possible. As the wood piles up so does our energy. We're in the zone, and everyone is cracking jokes, chucking firewood from the drop zone by spitter to piles that we'll come back to stack into the trucks.


It’s really striking me just how awesome of a team building exercise this is! Everyone has their job and is crushing it! Greg, teaches me how to fall a tree with the chainsaw. I'm stoked, but my arms are starting to get sore from 3 hours on the saw.

Tom and I switch up jobs and I run the splitter as he takes a turn on the saw. The ladies have taken a load back home with one of the trucks, and have promised to return with pizza. It's been two hours now since they left - I hope they can find their way through the labyrinth of dirt roads to get back here! 

Who knew splitting wood in 32 degree slush could be so much fun!

Who knew splitting wood in 32 degree slush could be so much fun!

The pizza arrives, and we've only got a few more rounds to split before loading everything into the trucks and our single trailer (a huge help on firewood day if you have one!). They brought beer! Yes! When you're moving all day, food tastes especially delicious and this may have been the best pizza and beer I've ever had. 

An hour and half later and we've got everything loaded. We cruise back home and before splitting ways everyone makes a plan to get after it again tomorrow. I'm gonna be sore come Monday!

Truck’s almost full!

Truck’s almost full!

With more chainsaws and more trucks to fill, our pace in the morning feels blistering. Just like the day before, everyone is into it, and with conversation ranging from optimal wood stove techniques to ski quiver choices, the day flies by. I make it home with another full load of wood, and Kirsten has already stacked almost all the wood from yesterday!

A few cords of wood closer to a warm home this winter!

A few cords of wood closer to a warm home this winter!

Come Sunday night I'm ready for bed, and as I dose off I can't help but think how much fun it is to work hard with your friends. Soon we'll all be shredding pow, and each warm fire we come back to will be a reminder of this weekend in Fall - the frenzied pace, the laughs, the pizza and beer, and the friends new and old!

Pictures and words by @garretvs

2018 Surfrider Clean Water Classic, Westport WA

For the past 17 years, Westport Washington has hosted the Northwest’s premiere surf competition, the Clean Water Classic. Participants ranging from California to Canada show up to see what they’re made of, in a competition that exclusively supports the good work that the Surfrider Foundation is doing to keep our oceans and beaches clean and accessible!

This year’s event was a mixed bag - Qualifying on Saturday threw the competitors into stormy seas and gusty onshore conditions. Although sporadic, some sizable waves were ridden and the level of surfing impressed given the classic PNW fall gale. Around 2pm the remaining qualifying rounds were called off and it was announced that Sunday’s Finals schedule would be reworked to accommodate the heats. Drenched, everyone cleared the beach and headed for LOGE Westport for the After Party. In the hour between the event ending to pouring rain, and the festivities starting at LOGE, the clouds lifted and we were greeted with a beautiful sunny evening.

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Yodelin Broth and Hamma Hamma Oysters were setup and ready for the crowd with delicious (warm!) soup and mouth watering bacon wrapped oysters. Like all vendors supporting the event, Yodelin and Hamma Hamma donated their services to support Surfrider, with the recommended $5 donation going completely to Surfrider.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Surfrider Foundation recently had a major victory in preventing offshore drilling directly off Washington’s coast and their efforts resulted in a new WA state coastal management plan. Drilling would not only have threatened the fragile aquatic ecosystem but also the economic livelihood of the current coastal economy…so your $5 dinner donation is going to good things!! A raffle with LibTech surfboards as the top prizes also went directly to Surfrider - it’s awesome to be involved in events that we know will help push the needle towards protecting the environment in today’s current political spectrum. The crowd jammed out to Killer Workout and good times were had by all!

Image from iOS (5).jpg
Image from iOS (4).jpg

We woke Sunday to sunny skies and moderate temps, the perfect conditions to spend the day at the beach! The competitors all threw down on smallish, playful waves, which ended up being a worthy test of their skill! We saw impressive performances ranging from kids that must have been under 10 years old, all the way up to the Grand Master class. Surf Photography by Lost River Photography ,



  • Shortboard Ride of the Day: Jonathan Grubbs

  • Longboard Ride of the Day: Don Shaffer

  • Men's Pro/AM

    • 1 Peter Hamilton

    • 2 Jonathan Grubbs

    • 3 Ben Murphy Master's

  • Shortboard

    • 1 Greg Urata

    • 2 Joe Pettinger

    • 3 Peter Hamilton

  • Women's Pro/AM Shortboard

    • 1 Ashley Fagerstedt

    • 2 Jasmine Porter

    • 3 Gillian Montgomery

  • Men's Longboard

    • 1 Hayden Baggs

    • 2 David Schiaffino

    • 3 Deklyn Wood

  • Master's Longboard

    • 1 Khalil Holmes

    • 2 Andrew Haines

    • 3 Tim Stanford

  • Grand Master's Longboard

    • 1 Jan Kordel

    • 2 Gary Gregg

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Women's Longboard

    • 1 Ann MacDonnell

    • 2 Melissa Davis

    • 3 Lydia Ricard

  • Juniors 14 and Under

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Shea Bruhwiler

    • 3 Aqua Bruhwiler

  • Juniors 15 to 17

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Serena Porter

    • 3 Gabe Roth

  • Stand-Up Paddle

    • 1 Paul Boskers

    • 2 Dan Tarnow

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Keiki With Parent

    • 1 Finnegan Losee

    • 2 Wyatt Hoffman

    • 3 Teo Stencile

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic event! This is one of our absolute favorites! See you guys next year!