2018 Surfrider Clean Water Classic, Westport WA

For the past 17 years, Westport Washington has hosted the Northwest’s premiere surf competition, the Clean Water Classic. Participants ranging from California to Canada show up to see what they’re made of, in a competition that exclusively supports the good work that the Surfrider Foundation is doing to keep our oceans and beaches clean and accessible!

This year’s event was a mixed bag - Qualifying on Saturday threw the competitors into stormy seas and gusty onshore conditions. Although sporadic, some sizable waves were ridden and the level of surfing impressed given the classic PNW fall gale. Around 2pm the remaining qualifying rounds were called off and it was announced that Sunday’s Finals schedule would be reworked to accommodate the heats. Drenched, everyone cleared the beach and headed for LOGE Westport for the After Party. In the hour between the event ending to pouring rain, and the festivities starting at LOGE, the clouds lifted and we were greeted with a beautiful sunny evening.

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Yodelin Broth and Hamma Hamma Oysters were setup and ready for the crowd with delicious (warm!) soup and mouth watering bacon wrapped oysters. Like all vendors supporting the event, Yodelin and Hamma Hamma donated their services to support Surfrider, with the recommended $5 donation going completely to Surfrider.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Surfrider Foundation recently had a major victory in preventing offshore drilling directly off Washington’s coast and their efforts resulted in a new WA state coastal management plan. Drilling would not only have threatened the fragile aquatic ecosystem but also the economic livelihood of the current coastal economy…so your $5 dinner donation is going to good things!! A raffle with LibTech surfboards as the top prizes also went directly to Surfrider - it’s awesome to be involved in events that we know will help push the needle towards protecting the environment in today’s current political spectrum. The crowd jammed out to Killer Workout and good times were had by all!

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We woke Sunday to sunny skies and moderate temps, the perfect conditions to spend the day at the beach! The competitors all threw down on smallish, playful waves, which ended up being a worthy test of their skill! We saw impressive performances ranging from kids that must have been under 10 years old, all the way up to the Grand Master class. Surf Photography by Lost River Photography , @lost.river.photography



  • Shortboard Ride of the Day: Jonathan Grubbs

  • Longboard Ride of the Day: Don Shaffer

  • Men's Pro/AM

    • 1 Peter Hamilton

    • 2 Jonathan Grubbs

    • 3 Ben Murphy Master's

  • Shortboard

    • 1 Greg Urata

    • 2 Joe Pettinger

    • 3 Peter Hamilton

  • Women's Pro/AM Shortboard

    • 1 Ashley Fagerstedt

    • 2 Jasmine Porter

    • 3 Gillian Montgomery

  • Men's Longboard

    • 1 Hayden Baggs

    • 2 David Schiaffino

    • 3 Deklyn Wood

  • Master's Longboard

    • 1 Khalil Holmes

    • 2 Andrew Haines

    • 3 Tim Stanford

  • Grand Master's Longboard

    • 1 Jan Kordel

    • 2 Gary Gregg

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Women's Longboard

    • 1 Ann MacDonnell

    • 2 Melissa Davis

    • 3 Lydia Ricard

  • Juniors 14 and Under

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Shea Bruhwiler

    • 3 Aqua Bruhwiler

  • Juniors 15 to 17

    • 1 Jasmine Porter

    • 2 Serena Porter

    • 3 Gabe Roth

  • Stand-Up Paddle

    • 1 Paul Boskers

    • 2 Dan Tarnow

    • 3 Ben Cockcroft

  • Keiki With Parent

    • 1 Finnegan Losee

    • 2 Wyatt Hoffman

    • 3 Teo Stencile

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic event! This is one of our absolute favorites! See you guys next year!