Trail Running in the Enchantments, with David Laney

Somewhere along the trail, on what had started out as a run, then dissolved into a hike, and onward into a meander, I finally just sat down on a granite slab and drank in the alpine beauty. I’ve been to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness a dozen times and the “new” hasn’t worn off, I doubt it ever will.  


Last week I headed up with the intent to climb Aasgard pass and return to Colchuck Lake to swim relax, and eat far too many sour peach rings. But once I got a few miles under my feet, the call of the Enchantments Core area was too strong and I cruised through 25 alpine miles...made a few new mountain goat friends, and ended up having to to chase the sunset back to the trailhead. I was almost too stiff to walk the next day but the views made up for the sore quads.


While camping in this area and completing the entire loop in multiple days requires a permit and significant backpacking fitness, Colchuck Lake or Stuart Lake are both fun, there are a bunch of challenging and beautiful day hikes (or runs!) that you can do from the Stuart Lake Trailhead! 

At some point during your hike, a burrito will be the only thing on your



Finishing a long hike or run without a burrito would almost be as bad as me not telling you where to get one, because I guarantee at some point during your hike a burrito will be the only thing on your mind. SOUTH is a super chill mexican spot in town, it's my go to post long run, and they don’t seem to mind dusty faces and dirty trail shoes.  Now, Live Outside Go Explore!

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