Join the LOGE Squad!!

Are you stoked on LOGE and want to become one of our ambassadors? Join us in spreading the love :)


LOGE is all about creating an inclusive community that is an open invitation to connect with others In Real Life! Adding “friends” online is ok, but it’s WAY better out in the real world! From the beginning, LOGE has been all about creating a community that brings all types of people together to fuel each other’s fires, which is why we’re creating LOGE Squad - as a way to give back to and strengthen our ever growing community. Our mission is to foster responsible use and access to the outdoors, and we’re looking for people who share our passion and love getting others excited about getting out there and getting after it. You don’t have to be hardcore, you just have to be psyched! We encourage everyone to apply, this isn’t about “followers,” it’s about passion.

By joining the LOGE Squad, you’ll get a 15% discount for all of 2019, and be invited to exclusive Squad events that we have planned for 2019! We’re all about sharing the stoke and fiercely pursuing the things that get your blood pumping and put a huge smile on your face, so to apply we’re asking that you submit a few photos and a short written piece about what our namesake mantra “Live Outside, Go Explore” means to you! We can’t wait to see how you interpret this - feel free to write about a favorite trip you’ve been on, hilarious experiences, stories about times that didn’t quite go as planned, or just how you get after it in your daily life! We always say “Stoke builds Stoke” and are excited to share some of your stories and pictures!


To apply, simply fill out the form (link below!) with a few of your best adventure photos (5-10 recommended, but really as many as you want!), and a short story about how you Live Outside, Go Explore! Upon receiving your application, we’ll send your Squad discount code, and keep you up to date on any LOGE Squad happenings!


All photos by @aframephoto

We can’t wait to hear your stories! See ya out there!