Coming Soon - LOGE Breckenridge!

loge comes to breckenridge colorado - Kait Herzog photo

We believe in sending it big at LOGE. Finding the dopest places in the world and enjoying them whole-heartedly with friends, and strangers who become friends around a campfire. More than just a place to stay, LOGE is a hotel that gets you outside and helps you connect with other people who dig the stuff you dig, whether your sport of choice is skiing, rock climbing, surfing, or mountain biking….Or if you just enjoy a good beer around a campfire after a low-key hike with killer vistas!

If you’ve been following along with us up to this point, you know about our hotels, hostels and camps in Westport, Leavenworth, Bend and Mt. Shasta. You also know that a couple months ago, we announced the next round of LOGE locations cropping up this year. But, we also haven’t told you that much about them. If we had, we’d have had to kill you. Not really. Anyway, dad jokes aside, we’re beyond stoked to start pulling back the curtain and telling you about our new hotel in Breckenridge, Colorado, opening Memorial Day weekend.

We’re in the process of LOGE-ifying right now, which means we’re taking all the best parts of the hotel as it is, up-cycling things to make them more rad, and adding all those signature LOGE touches you love. We’re talking in-room hammock hangs. We’re talking outdoor kitchens so you can grill and chill with your homies. Plus campfire rings, a bar and cafe, and sick outdoor spaces so you can get to know the other folks who have made LOGE Breckenridge their adventure outpost. And you’re going to want to get to know them, because the people who stay at LOGE are for sure the dopest folks around. Not that we’re biased or anything.

Here’s what else you can expect:

skiing near loge breckenridge colorado
  • Killer powder days - The new LOGE Breckenridge is just 5 minutes to downtown Breckenridge, 10 minutes to Keystone and 15 minutes to Copper Mountain. And in case you haven’t noticed, Breckenridge has been getting absolutely *hammered* with snow this season. You might even be able to get a few runs in on Memorial Day Weekend. *crosses fingers, but like, super intensely*

  • Dog-friendly rooms: We know that a vacation without your favorite adventure pup isn’t really a vacation. All LOGE hotels are dog-friendly, and the new LOGE Breckenridge is no exception. So go ahead and bring the whole squad.

  • Free concerts and events: We like good hangs, and we like good music, and we bet you do too. During the summer, we’ll bring some killer artists to LOGE Breckenridge for free shows open to the public, regardless of whether you’re staying with us. Plus, we’ve got movie screenings, open mics, and other generally dope stuff to do. (Shoutout to Artist Home for hooking us up with some of the best up and coming acts)

  • Group meeting space - If your team is anything like our team, you do your best thinking after a day on the slopes. Bring your crew out to LOGE Breckenridge, get a couple runs in the morning, and buckle down to think about the future of your business in the afternoon. Or, you know, spend the whole day on the slopes. We’re not here to judge. We won’t tell your boss either.

  • World class golfing and sick trails - Maybe you’re not a snowbird. Maybe your ideal day is less single digit temperatures with double digit pow, and more in that 75-and-sunny range. Breckenridge is still a great place to be. You could play a couple holes on the Breckenridge Golf Club, with three Jack Nicklaus Signature courses. You could take a hike or grab your mountain bike to hit one of the trails in Breckenridge and drink in one of those sweet Rocky Mountain vistas. The world is your oyster, my friend.  

If you’re as stoked on LOGE Breckenridge as we are, stay tuned for our presale, starting in the next couple weeks. You’ll be able to pre-book for stays anytime after Memorial Day. PLUS, we’ll be around at Breckenridge Beer Festival on April 6. Come by, hang with the LOGE crew, and raise a glass to your new favorite place to stay in Breckenridge.