Welcome to the ODD SEASON

Whoever told you that the “shoulder season” was no fun, a time that you should sit indoors waiting for the sunshine to reappear, certainly must have never been enlightened by the Great Secret. What is the Great Secret you ask? Lean in and let me whisper this quietly in your ear….. Fun is Fun.

Getting covered in mud from head to toe, with enormous, dirt-caked smiles, as you high five your buddies at the bottom of the mountain bike trail is FUN. Emerging through the cloud layer and seeing the mountain peaks spreading across the horizon like little islands, FUN. Getting to the turn around point of your ski tour just in time for Corn O’ Clock, super FUN. Being the only group of people at an alpine lake that no one else was willing to brave the snow to get to, FUN!

odd season camper van on the coast
snowboarder hitting the slopes in the odd season

We’ve decided that the Great Secret needs to be shared, and so we’ve decided to coin these months, where FUN might be a bit strange, a little goofy, and at times downright weird (but in the best kind of way), the ODD SEASON. The misfit season of FUN.

Over the past few weeks, the LOGE Creative Co-Op has released 4 videos, each made by a different Filmmaker, encapsulating their interpretation of the ODD SEASON. We are proud to present the ODD SEASON video series and hope it inspires you to embrace your inner ODD! Enjoy! (Scroll back up top there if ya missed it, eh bud?)

surfer catching some waves in westport during the odd season

So why the ODD SEASON? The great thing about terms like ODD, Weird, Strange, Silly, and Goofy, is that if they are not shunned but rather embraced, harnessed, and channeled to your inner being they become the key to being set free. To escaping the rat race of society, the straightened tie and polished shoes, and running as wild and goofy and silly as your heart desires. We’re all a little ODD after all, but it’s those that relish in it that seem to always have the best time.

Don’t get us wrong here, we love the wild souls who choose to be outwardly ODD, but you don’t have to fully cast aside the tethers of the real world to embrace your inner ODD - my personal hero is the Dad that’s dancing his heart out at his daughter’s pop music concert, rocking New Balances and a tucked in golf shirt, somehow utilizing muscle memory to recall moves from his disco days. That guy GETS IT. When you cast aside ego, expectation, and judgement, a whole new world appears. Ultimately, this is all part of the Great Secret - so welcome to the ODD SEASON!

man with moustache on the beach in westport, wa

You might be thinking, “sure omniscient internet voice of LOGE, all this Oddness and freedom sounds great…but what am I supposed to actually DO during the ODD SEASON?” Ah! So glad you asked! The ODD SEASON is the best time to try something new, explore a place you’ve never been, reach out to those friends you’ve intended to connect with (but felt like it might be awkward to), or just take a breather from society and have a relaxing weekend exploring local delicacies and watering holes. You’ve always wanted to try surfing but haven’t made it out to Hawaii? Guess what - there’s awesome surfing on the Washington coast, you just have to jump in a wetsuit to stay toasty and warm! You thought ski season was over months ago…oh wait, Mt. Bachelor is one of the best spots in the country to get your goggle tan on for some Spring skiing, and then enjoy the vibrant brewery scene of Bend for Aprés hour after.

skiers at stevens pass in leavenworth during the odd season
sport climbers hanging out at a crag in leavenworth, wa

So here we are, 3/4 of the page down, and you are officially welcome to the club….part of the ODD SEASON. I encourage you to embrace your whims, reach out to one another, make Real connections, do new things, be strange, get silly, and most of all HAVE FUN. After all, as the late, great, granddaddy of adventure filmmaking drilled into my head every year of my childhood, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when when you do.” - Warren Miller.

We’ll see you in the Odd Season ;)

friends running on the beach in westport wa
man skateboards in parking lot at beach in westport wa

We tossed together a few tunes that capture those ODD Season vibes.

Check out the Spotify Playlist Below!