Your Rest Day in Mt. Shasta

There are a million things to do in Mount Shasta. Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing. With so much adventure, it’s hard to want to take a rest day. But we all know that if you want to send hard, you’ve got to rest hard occasionally. Here are some of our favorite things to do when we’re recuperating and charging up for the big send.

  1. Start your day at Yaks Koffee and Eatery - Let’s be honest, if your day isn’t starting with caffeine, well… we don’t know how you do it. Yaks is the go-to spot for a good cup of coffee and a solid breakfast to fuel your day of rest and relaxation. Now, personally, I’m usually a coffee-for-breakfast kind of guy, but whenever I’m in Shasta, I throw that mentality out the window and go straight for the Lassen Assassin breakfast burrito with The Works (The Works are very important). And, if I’m going for a lowkey hike later that day and will need a sugar spike (or if I’m just in a treat yoself kinda mood), I’ll grab a snickerdoodle that is, no joke, as big as your face. It also helps that the vibes are some of the best in Shasta, with super kind and cheerful serving staff. Start your day with caffeine and a smile. Nothing better.

  2. Wander around downtown and get a feel for the town - The first thing you’ll notice about the downtown area is the collection of crystal shops. According to some people, Mt. Shasta is one of the seven energy centers of the world, and walking through town with the mountain towering over you, you can start to understand why. Regardless of whether you’re of new age spiritual persuasions, it’s worth a walk through the crystal shops. Call it a cultural experience, call it a spiritual experience. You might just find something to balance your chakras, or at the very least, some good karma and interesting conversation. There are also some great gear shops, like The Fifth Season, in the downtown area, just in case you need something for your continuing adventures.

  3. Dive into relaxation at one of the lakes around Mount Shasta - No rest day is complete without a little bit of watering hole swimming, and there’s no shortage of great spots to take a dip around Shasta. If you’re into a happening scene and people watching experience, you can head up to Lake Siskiyou. You’ll find more people than some of the other spots, but you’ll also find more amenities. If you’re looking for something a little more primitive that’s still easily accessible, check out Castle Lake, which is delightfully warm for an alpine lake. You can pull right up to the lake at a parking lot, or you can take a short hike up to Heart Lake and enjoy the mountain vistas from there.

  4. Or, take to the skies and rest your legs - This one is a little less conventional, and admittedly, not everybody will find it super restful, but if you’re into heights and views, you can’t get much better than some tandem paragliding with our friends over at Air Expansions. After a quick intro to the basics on the ground, our buddy Brian (or one of his ultra super duper skilled instructors) will take you out for a tandem flight and you'll be floating on a cloud (literally) with the best view of Mt. Shasta you'll ever see. If you get hooked on flying, come back and have Brian teach you to how to fly solo!

  5. Wood-fired pizzas in a beer garden, heavy on the garden - Once you’ve had your rest day fun, and maybe taken a nap, head over to Garden Tap at Native Grounds Nursery for some of the best beer garden vibes you’ll ever experience. I know, that feels like a bold claim, but I promise I’m not overselling. Imagine this. A really killer plant nursery (because we all know that millennials are inexplicably attached to gardening), add beer, and artisan, handmade pizza wood-fired right there. It’s a pretty amazing combo. Go now, thank me later.

  6. Hit up the one and only Handsome John’s Speakeasy - We’ve had some good nights at Handsome John’s as a LOGE crew, and we can safely say that no trip to Mt. Shasta is complete without dropping by for a pint or two at Handsome John’s. It’s a great spot with good, kinda divey vibes and reasonably priced beer. Sidle up to the bar and make a new friend, or enjoy the ping pong tables in the back.