Trail Running Bend Oregon, With LOGE Athlete David Laney

LOGE Athlete Team member and distance running star David Laney recently spent a few days with us in Bend, training and hanging out. Read his story below about a few of his favorite trail runs in the area!!

I’m proposing a name change from trail running to trail funning , because much of what I do out there isn’t actually running. I mean sure, I’m wearing running shorts and trail shoes, and I’m jogging between huckleberry patches, and swimming holes, but there is a lot more to trail running than the name suggests. Just to be clear, you can be trail running and still stop to smell the wildflowers, in fact I hope you do. 


Last weekend's trip to the Three Sisters Wilderness area was a lot more funning than running, though the running was pretty great too. I had a loop in mind that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, and was particularly excited to get rolling. I headed out under the light from my headlamp from The Green Lakes Trailhead off the Cascade Lakes highway (just about a mile past the turn to Sparks Lake). I jogged most of the way to the base of the South Sister where I hiked to the summit, to be greeted with a beautiful sunrise and strong wind.


After snapping a few photos I headed down to Green Lakes and up the trail to Broken Top. The trail up Broken Top is very rocky and rugged but offers spectacular views of the Three Sisters to the North West. I made it about 15 meters from the top but I didn’t quite make the summit of Broken Top as the rock block on the summit takes a little more exposure than my worked legs could handle. On the way down I enjoyed some really fun steep downhill running, sliding and a few wildflower stops before heading back down the smooth and wide Green Lakes Trail. 

The day was made complete by a delish slice of pizza, some root beer, a float in the Deschutes and watching dogs paddleboard. Below are my top 4 Trail Runs/Hikes in the Three Sisters Wilderness. I hope you enjoy them next time you are in Bend!

My Top 4 Trail Runs/Hikes in the Three Sisters 

1) If you’re looking for a challenging run/hike/climb try the South Sister ( its about 12 miles round trip with about 5000 feet of ascent and descent. 

2) If you want something a little flatter try the run to Moraine Lake. It’s a beautiful view with less climbing and distance. (

3) Green Lakes ( Another great run, buttery trails the whole way with views of Broken Top and the South Sister from the Lakes. Perfect spot for a mid run swim on a warm day.

4) No Name Lake is another must see. Another more challenging run but the incredible views make up for the distance and climbing.


Trail running in Bend is made even better in that you have many choices of amazing things to do after you run. You’ve got a river to cool off in, buttery mountain biking trails if the run didn’t wear you out, breweries to quench your thirst, restaurants to refuel from the day on the trails and plenty of coffee shops so that you can get started running again tomorrow. If you love to live outside, Bend is the place to do it! -David

David is a mega-badass in the running world and we're happy to call him one of our Athletes! Go here to read a bit about David's running career And go here to see some of David's other written pieces!

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