Loge Squad

Are you stoked on what LOGE is up to? Become an ambassador for LOGE by joining our Squad!

Perhaps you scrounge every penny saved by eating ramen to climb in far off places, or maybe taking your adventure pup to the local park is more your speed... regardless, we’d love for you to be part of the LOGE Squad!


Why are we starting LOGE Squad?

Whatever it is that makes you tick, we’re all about sharing the stoke and fiercely pursuing the things that get your blood pumping and put a huge smile on your face! From the beginning, LOGE has been centered around creating a community that brings all types of people together to fuel each other’s fires, and the LOGE Squad is all about showing off the sick adventures and chilled out vibes of that community that makes LOGE so special.  Our mission is to foster responsible use and access to the outdoors, and we’re looking for people who share our passion and love getting others excited about getting out there and getting after it. You don’t have to be hardcore, you just have to be psyched! We encourage everyone to apply, this isn’t about “followers,” it’s about passion.


Perks for Squad Members

By joining the LOGE Squad, you’ll get 15% off for all of 2019, and join a community of stoked individuals that believe in the mantra of Live Outside, Go Explore! We’re planning a few special LOGE Squad events for this year, and may feature some of your photos and stories to spread the stoke!

How to Apply

To apply, simply fill out the form (link below!) with a short story about how you Live Outside, Go Explore! This can be pretty much anything that you’re inspired to write about - that wild trip you went on, a story about when things didn’t go exactly as planned, a funny experience, or just what Live Outside, Go Explore means in your daily life. The application will be a selective process, but we are aiming for inclusivity and all applications will be considered thoroughly! Upon your selection to the Squad, we’ll send you a special discount code, and keep you up to date on any LOGE Squad happenings!


We’re stoked that you’re stoked! :)

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, and can’t wait for you to join LOGE Squad!!! Since this program is all about getting others stoked, do know that by submitting your photos and videos we will share them! As creatives ourselves, we pride the work of others, and always make share to prominently give credit to and feature the creator of the work.

photos by  @aframephoto

photos by @aframephoto