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 The Odd Season: A celebration of the strange time, the in-between, the random trips, and unexpected good times.

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Bend, or

  • Catch some weird waves on the Deschutes River: Normally, when we talk about surfing, we’re talking Westport, but odd is as odd does, and you can river surf right in the middle of Bend at the Bend Whitewater Park.

  • Spring skiing at Mt. Bachelor: Just because it’s warming up doesn’t mean you can’t take some runs, and Bachelor is a great place to get those final turns of the season in.

  • Meet your new favorite beer: Take a pub crawl through one of Bend’s many *many* breweries, throw back some cold ones with friends, and meet new friends along the way. You never know what kind of stories you’ll hear.

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Westport, WA

  • Coldwater surfing: They say the surfing gods save the best swells for the people willing to suffer the cold for them, and Westport is no exception. The best waves all year come in this odd season of ours.

  • Razor clam digs: Kind of weird, but also delicious. Make sure you get your clamming permit and check to make sure there aren’t day-by-day restrictions. Otherwise, get out there and dig some clams.

  • Blanket forts, but on the beach, and with driftwood, not blankets: So, like, not really blanket forts, but what’s better than putting together a lean-to with your best buds and throwing back a couple brews? Kombucha, of course.


Leavenworth, WA

  • Snow-hiking in the Enchantments: It’s pre-permit time in the Enchantments, so if you’ve got the wheels and the will, there’s hardly a better time to get out there. Just be smart, stay safe, and have a blast.

  • Get sendy at the crag: The snow is melting, and the routes are warming up. Take advantage of the ideal temps to tic your latest project at Icicle Gorge.

  • Two words. Reindeer. Farm.: We’re not kidding.

  • A scavenger hunt for the weirdest stuff you can find in Leavenworth shops: Okay, hear us out. Shopping in a town you’re visiting, not that odd. But the stuff you find in Leavenworth. SUPER odd. I mean…


You never know unless you go. #Oddseason