LOGE is a one-of-a-kind campING and lodging experience located in Westport, Wa with access to world-class surfing.

Why stay with us? why not!

LOGE is much more than just a place to stay the night, it’s a place to connect with the community and meet new friends. With features and amenities geared towards surfers, hikers, and outdoor lovers, LOGE is the easy answer to the question, “Where are we going, what are we doing and where are we staying this weekend?”

WHo are we?

We are a lot like you. We are surfers, creatives, builders. We love to travel, we love the outdoors and we believe community plays a huge role in both our lives and our adventures. We are also long-time patrons to Westport, WA and are invested in the local economy.

Come stay with us, we can't wait to meet you!