Selling or Developing?

LOGE Is a rapidly growing hospitality brand actively looking for our next opportunity. If you are an owner or developer and are looking to sell or wanting to bring a partner to develop and operate, we’d love to talk. If you aren’t interested in selling, we’re also growing with brand licensing partnerships. Renewing old properties and unlocking profitability via our industry-leading tools, our team, and the power of the LOGE brand.

Selling or Developing?
Renovate & Re-energize

Renovate & Re-energize

We aren't your typical developer. We're more renovators who rebuild and reimagine older properties, returning them to vibrant centers for the outdoor community.

Locally Minded

Locally Minded

Don't think of us as just another hotel chain. LOGE is expanding with a network of distinctly local properties. Keeping local with food & beverage, working with local artists, and building relationships with guides and outfitters.

The LOGE Impact

We see the chance to make old new again, bringing life through design, technology and programming.

  • Beyond Rooms

    Beyond Rooms

    Designing with bringing people together in the outdoors, our offering includes cafés & restaurants, meeting spaces, studios and more.

  • Modernizing Hospitality

    Modernizing Hospitality

    Our model is maximized by our use of technology and data across the LOGE network to manage and optimize performance.

  • Wolf Creek, Co — Before / After

    Wolf Creek, Co — Before / After

    We look to retain the history but completely reimagine properties. We elevate the total guest experience — rooms, amenities, and community spaces.

From our partners

We see the chance to make old new again, bringing life through design, technology and programming.

As the architect for two LOGE projects in Montana, we were most impressed with how everyone at LOGE embraces the communities in which they develop properties. From working with local vendors, outfitters, suppliers and guides to their commitment toward understanding the fabric, vibrancy and opportunities of the region, LOGE really does encourage people to explore adventures and take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities each location offers.

Aaron Hanks

Gavin-Hanks Architects

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with the amazing team at LOGE Camps to renovate and create destinations that offer such a unique connection back to the outdoors. When LOGE came to me and described their vision, I was onboard immediately. The vision to put down the digital life, rehab the slow-down, and create unbelievably memorable road trip memories in unique places; it is one of the coolest things I have worked on in my career!

BJ Laterveer

Portman Architects

I’m grateful that I made the leap and chose to affiliate with LOGE Camps. Their partnership has been invaluable and has resulted in an offering that exceeded even my lofty expectations. Working with a partner that is truly design driven, budget conscious and customer focused has been a breath of fresh air. There’s not another organization out there I trust to deliver on my vision, because it’s their vision too.

Tommy Nigro

Property Owner

The relaxed, easily accessible hospitality environment that LOGE creates for people who love the outdoors and special destinations is perfect for adventurers on the move. As a foodservice design firm, we are especially pleased to help create the dining and lounge spaces where experiences can be shared.

Sean Callnin

ricca design studio

Our ongoing progress on over a dozen hotel projects together is a testament to the harmonious and productive partnership we have forged. Our teams have cultivated a strong bond marked by hiking excursions, white-water rafting adventures, and evenings around campfires, where ideas flow as freely as the pristine mountain streams. Our work together is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and a shared passion for the great outdoors.

Sheena Brittingham

Vida Design

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