It's more fun when it's more fun

Everything we do is about making it easier and more fun for people get out and explore. To try something new. Travel with less hassle. We strive to deliver experiences that go beyond expectations with partnerships with some of the best brands out there.

It's more fun when it's more fun
Grillin' Time

Grillin' Time

What's better at bringing people together than food around a fire? Every LOGE has Traeger Grills and outdoor kitchens. Bring whatever you're craving and keep the outdoor vibes cooking.

Chillin' Time

Chillin' Time

Hammocks equal happiness. Doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80, slinking into the snuggle of a Kammok is instant comfort. Power nap or power through a book and sway your worries away.

LOGE Brand Partners

LOGE guests have some of the best outdoor gear at their fingertips


Let's go together

How we think about the outdoors and people's experience is different than anything out there. We know where we're going, but how is up for discovery. We're always keen to work with like-minded people and brands in opening up the world for others.

Content Collaborations

We've got a team and expansive network of creators and makers. Our properties and settings are ideal places to bring ideas to life and make wonder. If you've got a story to tell, we're here to help you tell it in beautiful and authentic ways that will connect and inspire.

Immersive brand experience

There's a huge difference between 'product placement' and giving people a chance to really try and fall in love with your brand. Beyond trial and exposure, we're clever partners in how we can co-market to create a connection with guests.

Creating a community

Our property and spaces are built to bring people together. Being an active part of the local communities means we're always looking to bring in and highlight local partners to add to the vibes and activities that bring people together. Action, activity, music, art, or ...

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