Working together for a better future

When you dig into the core of LOGE, you realize how important it is to us to connect with the communities where we live, stay, and play. Giving back starts the moment the rubber hits the dirt. We revitalize old motels and hotels using the most sustainable methods possible, avoiding any outsized environmental footprint. By reusing and rebuilding, every detail is considered for its impact, from the low-flow fixtures to sprucing up old furniture to donating anything we don’t use to nearby shelters.

Working together for a better future

1% goes a long way

The second way we connect through giving back actually starts with you. When you stay at LOGE, you play a major part in helping us protect, preserve, and enlighten in each of our locations. Thanks to our guests, we’re able to give 1% of our total revenue annually to local non-profits that are focused on supporting the community and enriching the outdoors. We’re proud of each of our long-lasting partnerships with these meaningful groups.

  • Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center

    Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center

    An organization of experienced mountaineers that offers free educational presentations and companion rescue clinics, targeted specifically at motorized and youth backcountry user groups.

  • WEFish


    WEfish in Westport builds a positive sense of community, and a better representation of the many businesses and families who rely on commercial fishing.

  • Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance

    Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance

    The primary purpose and focus of the Trails Preservation Alliance is to preserve motorized, single-track trail riding. The TPA supports and works to preserve all forms of OHV recreation including ATV’s, UTV’s, 4WD’s, snowmobiles, etc. However, the TPA’s foremost commitment is to preserve motorized single-track trail riding.

  • Central Oregon Trail Alliance

    Central Oregon Trail Alliance

    COTA is a non-profit organization that focuses on the development, protection, and enhancement of the Central Oregon mountain biking experience. This goal is achieved through trail stewardship, advocacy, collaboration, and education. COTA currently has 6 chapters, who collectively maintain over 600 miles of singletrack trails!

  • Northwest Avalanche Center

    Northwest Avalanche Center

    Northwest Avalanche Center has issued avalanche forecasts for almost 15,000 square miles with the help of our charitable giving.

  • Wild Montana

    Wild Montana

    Since 1958, Wild Montana has been uniting and mobilizing people across Montana, creating and growing a conservation movement around a shared love of wild public lands and waters.

Travel sustainably

During booking you have the option to contribute $3 to Cool-Effect to help offset the carbon produced by your trip to LOGE.

Cool Effect

Your donation of $3 will go directly (100%) to Cool Effect to offset the carbon of your drive. This organization has some of the highest ratings possible for non-profits, representing top marks for transparency, accountability, impact, and efficient distribution of funds. It’s important to note that $3 is actually quite a bit more than what it actually takes to offset a car trip of 6 hours in each direction to LOGE, but as a whole, we want this program to be able to cover trips of all distances.

Ready to Travel Sustainably

We’re ready when you are.

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