December 29, 2023

Getting outside and what to look forward to in 2024 : Cale Genenbacher, LOGE co-founder and CEO

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Woah, it’s 2024! And it’s going to be a BIG year for LOGE. So big that we got Cale Genenbacher, the co-founder and CEO of LOGE Camps to write a little something about well, everything that’s important to LOGE. 

Happy New Year!

If you’ve stayed at one of our Camps before, you know that LOGE is pronounced ‘Lodge’ and the acronym stands for LIVE OUTSIDE, GO EXPLORE. It’s the hotel that gets you outdoors. Whatever you're into: Ski. Surf. Hike. Climb. Ride. Fish. Moto. etc., being outside is more than an activity, it’s a way of life.

It’s probably obvious, but we started LOGE because we love getting outside too and we’ve been creating Camps that make getting after it easier for folks like us. We’ve built each of our LOGEs to blend the vibe of sitting around a fire with the warmth of our awesome communities and the comfort of staying somewhere chill enough where you can bring your dogs, kids, skis, and bikes into your room without side eye. The math is simple: stay close to adventure + good coffee + the best people + great campfires + cool gear + kickass concerts and events = a damn good time. Fun right? Totally, but...

But if we’re being real here, sometimes fun takes a while to, well, be fun. In fact, we believe there are two types of fun. There’s that easy fun we all seek out when hitting the outdoors: we enjoy ourselves immediately and it’s just naturally a good time. Then, there’s that other type of fun, where it might not be fun in the moment, but it’s fun to reminisce about down the road. We love each fun equally, and building LOGE continues to feel like both types. Part of what makes that 'down the road fun’ worth it isn’t first tracks or a sunrise summit–it’s all of you. Cheesy? Maybe. But it’s the truth. It’s the people we get to meet, work with, build with, and get outside with. It’s the folks who stay at LOGE, who enjoy some good ol’ fashioned child-like fun and are willing to set aside the stresses of the day to be part of something that stokes their passions. All of this to say, we had a blast last year, but we’ve also been smoked by a little more 'down the road fun’ than we bargained for. Now that 2023 is officially behind us, we cannot wait to look forward to what’s to come. And then, look back and say, see, that was FUN. 

So, how exactly do I look forward? Well, when I need to think or just work through things, I go for a long trail run. Like most of you, I know that moving my body releases my mind, and that by being outside in the mountains I’m able to put things in their proper context; I feel small and that helps me see things for what they are. Whether alone or with family and friends, being surrounded by the beauty of the world is where I’m the best version of myself. It’s an awesome mix of exhaustion and rebuilding all at once. I love it and I’ll get out there for any reason. I’m stuck on something? I get outdoors. I want to make the most of something? I get outdoors. I want to hang out? Let’s go do something outdoors. Working through what 2024 will look like for LOGE? I spend A LOT of time outdoors.

Speaking of which, I can’t tell you what ’24 will hold for the world, but I am excited to share a little bit about what it will look like for LOGE. We will grow from 7 to 20 Camps across the country by the end of the year. It’s rad to think we’re going to help so many more people find their own best version of themselves by making it easy to get outside, and even better to think through how lucky we are to become a part of so many more awesome communities.

This March, we’ll be opening in Missoula, MT. Immediately after that, Glacier National Park, MT. Then, things will get really exciting, really crazy, and really fun as we open Camps in the southeast and then out east. You can find all our current and future locations on our destinations page! I’ve been to every spot and love them all. Each one is incredible in its own unique way–whether you’re into getting after it or getting lost in the world to find yourself.

Making it easy for people to connect and get outside is at the core of LOGE. The mobile app we released last year was an initial step to help with that. Next year, we will add the ability to connect with other guests, plan trips, and get outdoors with LOGE. The app will be the very best way we can take what happens when you’re chatting with people around the campfire and connect those good times into an app so you can keep the convo going again and again. It’s freaking awesome–helping you spend less time planning and more time doing with even more inspiration from other LOGE'rs you meet along the way. We’re iterating on this tech, not because we love tech, but because we want to make it even easier to find what you want to do so you can do it and get the hell off your phone. Opening properties and evolving how we connect will be another fun challenge for us, and another thing that gets me stoked about what’s coming in ’24.

This company started with a Kickstarter so that we could pursue this dream to build something we wanted to see in the world. We continue to bring that attitude, passion, and, frankly, weirdness to everything we do, and we’ll continue to do that in 2024.

I need to wrap this up, not because there isn’t loads more that I could share–there’s so much more ahead that I’m looking forward to sharing. But I’m done with my coffee, there’s a dusting of snow. and my daughters want to go for a run. I mean…what could be better?

Get out and crush your 2024. Hopefully I’ll see you out there.


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