June 26, 2023

The Art of the Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip



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If you’re into making road trip playlists, then you know that it’s pretty much an art form. Art remains in the eye of the beholder, musical tastes included, but there are a few general techniques that can help put some structure to your audio adventure. The songs have to hit the right chord with everyone who will be in the car, truck, or RV for hours upon hours. Ack! So much pressure! Don’t worry. It’s not too deep and everyone will need to take a turn at the wheel eventually. Of course, we have some thoughts though. Something to get you going, if you need the help. We’re by no means master mixologists, but we have been going on quite a few road trips lately. 

From the start, there should probably be a level of excitement. Something that says, heck yeah, we’re finally on the road! Buh bye big city. And then you might settle into some classics–some tunes that might get the whole crew feeling some carpool karaoke.  

Of course, you don’t want the mix to be hyped the entire time. There has to be some reflective music that allows everyone to stare out the window and just be–songs that seem to effortlessly happen in the background. These songs prompt you to have deep convos about life and love and ‘what if we just kept going?’ Thoughts without any distractions, other than the views that surround you. Then, just as that one nappy mate starts to doze off in the back, BAM! you throw in a banger and turn it up to 11.  

So, we took our own advice and created the Road Trip Mix – 2023 on Spotify. You’ll find a solid mix of happy, nostalgic, and contemplative tunes. We also threw in a few songs from artists we have had the pleasure of hosting at our summer events. Like the time Próxima Parada blew us away at LOGE Mt. Shasta or when Thunderstorm Artis treated us to an interview and an unbelievable show. Overall, we decided to stick with a general genre to prevent audio whiplash. We like to imagine each artist somehow being influenced by another somewhere along the playlist. 

How do you go about making your road trip playlist? Do you have any tips or tricks, or do you just hit shuffle, cross your fingers, and welcome the surprise?  What artists are you digging this summer? Did you know that we’ll be hosting quite a few local artists this summer at a lot of our LOGE locations? That right there might help spark a road trip. Feel free to add any of our tunes to your list or take our entire collection on your next road trip. Happy Trails! (also a good cover song by a certain 80s band to end up on ;) 

We're not lost, we're just wandering... 

And speaking of road trips, we just took one between future LOGE Camps in St. George, UT to the newly opened LOGE Wolf Creek, CO in our big, red truck. We’re pretty stoked that there will soon be enough LOGE Camps out there that you can hop from one to the next while having completely different adventures (and playlists) for each. So, buckle up, grab some beef jerky, and we’ll see you and your crew real soon.  

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