March 13, 2024

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Maybe you've met Monica Sclar around a campfire somewhere... 

Monica has been a part of LOGE, a LOGE'r if you will, for a good, long time. If you've been to Leavenworth or Shasta, or around the nearly-open Missoula — there's a good chance you've had the pleasure to have a chat with her. So, you know that she's good people. Passionate, hard working, outdoors seeking, here to help kind of people. And, she's seen some things, been some places, and turns out her iPhone amateur photo skills aren't too shabby either. 

We had a quick chat with Monica recently, getting to know a bit more about her why's around the outdoors and LOGE. Thought you might take a kernel or two and put 'em into your inspiration basket for 2024. 

Mt. Shasta

LOGE: What is about the community of the outdoors that you love?

MS: Generally find it's a community that are way more welcoming vs judgemental. It's been awesome for me to be able to try new things, especially snow activities (being from SoCal) and being welcomed with open arms, given friendly advice on how to do it better and have more fun. Then being able to share a margarita or three while recapping the adventure we were on earlier in the day. It's those moments. 

L: You’ve been around LOGE for a good long haul, Shasta, Leavy, etc. What is it about creating a space for people to get out and explore that hits with you?

MS: I was at big, branded hotels before coming to LOGE where the goal was to get guests to join your loyalty program. It has been so refreshing to not have to do that and instead get to give our guests a path to living like a local and enjoying the town, trails, and the beautiful outdoors that surround our Camps. Since we've got the gear to help get you out, the knowledge of all that's nearby and the genuine passion for helping people find their way in the outdoors, it's been rewarding to have those interactions vs my more corporate posts past. 

L: Where, what do you personally love to do most outside?

MS: With LOGE I have been lucky to get to try new outdoor activities like snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc. which were awesome. But, I definitely love and will always love hiking. I have enjoyed trails down here in SoCal like Iron Mountain, Heart Lake/Castle Lake in Shasta, and so many numerous breathtaking trails around the Pacific Northwest. 

 Leavenworth, WA

L: Photography – you’re pretty good at it. What tips do you have for people to capture the beauty around them?

MS: I'm no Kate Middleton, I'm really just snapping like everybody else. Best tip I have is take some shots using the live photo feature on your iPhone (sorry 'droid users :)) then when you go to edit your pics you can choose which of the shots within that live to be the one.

Road to nowhere

L: What’s the answer to life, say you? 

MS: Tequila? JK... life is a rollercoaster, there's ups and downs so surround yourself with the right people to share in not just the ups and downs, but the in-betweens. And, when the question comes up of one more round? Or are you down for an adventure? Always say YES!!

LOGE Mt Shasta

Thanks to Monica for sharing some thoughts, her shots, and always sharing good times with everyone she meets along the way. Keep on keeping on... 

Note: If you have a fancy camera-phone, we'd love to see your view of the outside world. Tag @logecamps and #liveoutsidegoexplore so we can see where adventures take you. 

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